In the dim-light of the Pedroni Family’s private Vinegar Farm, the secular barrels made of oak and chestnut-wood preserve the Extravecchio “CESARE”, which represents the most important and complete achievement in the best Traditional Balsamic Vinegar family. The unmistakeable taste, defined “old”, reveals different fragrances each time, like roast coffee and chocolate, sometimes it has a metallic or slightly bitter taste which can only be bestowed by patience and by the time taken for the ripening in ancient woods while strictly abiding to tradition. The age has no more importance; the nectar coming from these bottles diffuses the passion and love of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. It should be tasted in the most important moments of life, just like a meditation wine. It is the ideal choice for those who consider experience a virtue and who wish to give their tastebuds a little corner of paradise.

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