since 1862

In 1862 Giuseppe Pedroni reached Rubbiara, in the area of Nonantola, and here he was granted the licence to run a “Tavern” with the right to serve food and offer stables. Therefore, he began feeding and quenching the thirst of travellers, seasonal workers and cart-drivers. Giuseppe came from the flat Formigine but his ancestors came down from the Apennines. Claudio succeeded his father Giuseppe and in 1871 the “Tavern” became even more a meeting place, also obtaining the authorisation to be a salt and tobacco shop. Claudio’s son, Cesare, had to give up to his white overall used in the Tavern and wear the grey-green uniform. It was 1915 and the Big War was asking for anybody’s engagement. When he came back, he had enough time to start working again in the Tavern and in the country. He is still remembered for his care devoted to the “Trebbiano di Spagna” vine, which is still held in high repute thanks to his precious white wine and its must, that once cooked is a real blessing for the old vinegar farm. Meanwhile, his son Giuseppe was old enough for taking the place of his father. New political events and the Second World War overshadowed the horizon.