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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP
100 ml

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For over 12 years the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar “UMBERTO” ages in barrels made of oak and juniper-wood which give this product its distinguishing lively and spicy fragrances.
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Doubtless to say that this vinegar differs from the rest because of its refinement in barrels made of juniper-wood, it recovers the woods’ order of the battery of my father’s Uncle, who loved that unusual scent, for some spicy for others aromatic, that only the resin of juniper wood can offer. Those who love it take it with them, those who do not appreciate it remember it very well. This Balsamico is excellent on baked or fried potatoes, to flavour a steak, and quite essential on an onion omelette.
This limited production recalls the taste and style of Uncle “UMBERTO”, who used to love the pungent nuances typical of the barrels made of juniper-wood.
This is the ideal vinegar for those who prefer strong tastes.
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