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In 1862 Giuseppe Pedroni reached Rubbiara, in the area of Nonantola, and here he was granted the licence to run a “Tavern” with the right to serve food and offer stables. Therefore, he began feeding and quenching the thirst of travellers, seasonal workers and cart-drivers. Giuseppe came from the flat Formigine but his ancestors came down from the Apennines. Claudio succeeded his father Giuseppe and in 1871 the “Tavern” became even more a meeting place, also obtaining the authorisation to be a salt and tobacco shop.

Via Risaia, 6 - Rubbiara di Nonantola, 41015 MO Italy

+39 059 549019

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The Osteria of Rubbiara

The Osteria of Rubbiara passed on from generation to generation The Osteria (tavern) which in the 19th C was granted the licence “to serve food and offer stables” has gone through an evolution through the years, although it has never lost its true Modenese identity.

LUNCH: Mon – Wed – Thu – Fri – Sat - Sun from 12.00 up to 14.00
DINNER: Wed – Thu – Fri – Sat from 20.00 up to 22.00
Tuesday closed all day

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