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How to produce the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is obtained by cooked must, riped thanks to a slow acetification resulting from a natural fermenting and gradual concentrating through a very long ageing in series of small casks made of different kinds of wood, where no flavouring is added.
Its COLOUR is very dark and bright while its DENSITY has a perfect and flowing syrup nature. Its SCENT is typical, complex and pungent, showing a clear but pleasant and well-balanced acidity.
Its classic and not imitable TASTE is a good balance between sweet and sour and is abundantly full and pungent with velvety touches in harmony with its own olfactory features. 

M.D. 9/2/87 relative to the controlled denomination of origin. Quote entirely taken from the definition of the MAESTRI ASSAGGIATORI (Master Tasters), March 1976).

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