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Tavern of Rubbiara

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The Osteria of Rubbiara passed on from generation to generation The Osteria (tavern) which in the 19th C was granted the licence “to serve food and offer stables” has gone through an evolution through the years, although it has never lost its true Modenese identity.

The dishes served nowadays are strictly taken from the tradition like the “tortellini” rigorously cooked in a broth, the various pasta dishes like the “maccheroni al pettine” and the “strichetti” with a meat ragout, the roast meats with baked potatoes, the Lambrusco Chicken (whose recipe is a family secret), the Balsamic Vinegar omelette, simple and tasty, the cakes from the tradition, like the famous “tagliatelle” cakes and the vanilla ice-cream with Balsamic Vinegar.

Nonantola offers the possibility to spend a pleasant Sunday, visiting the ancient centre, the famous Abbey with its museum, and stopping by at the Osteria di Rubbiara to have lunch and then visit the “acetaia” (vinegar cellar).

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